About Mos Productions

Mos Productions was started by Elaix Vincent Jr in 2015 as a place to house his creative brands and independent film company. As Elaix continues to climb the success latter to the top, nothing stops him from adding more to his list of talents. Over the past two years Elaix has written and produced a Vampire Series to present to NetFlix and Amazon. He has developed an educational institution mobile app for Android and iPhones. And now he is in the works of producing and co-directing a box office worthy feature film for the Sundance Film Festival. All this alongside ghost writing, rapping, and designing his own womens apparel line named  and inspired by his mother Louellen Vincent.

New Projects


Vampire Lives Matter (2018)

Mr Telephone Man (2018-2019)

Mobile Applications: 

PTA (Parent Teacher Assistant) (2018)