-Who we are

Moment of Silence New York or MOSNYC is a menswear lifestyle brand, apparel manufacturer, and brand management company. We pride ourselves in the quality manufacturing of many menswear products ranging from mens socks, shirts, pants, sweat shirts, caps, and more. We design for the guy who dresses with confidence, pride, and style. While always striving to meet the needs of our consumers, we also help them develop a concrete style image. The idea of Moment of Silence Collection, MOSNYC, and Victori by Elaix Vincent is to develop a lifestyle brand for the young, hip, and cool guy without demographically identifying himself.

-Private Label Manufacturing

MOSNYC does trim and notion manufacturing for new emerging designers. We are able to manufacture trims and metals in China and India with at a low minimum order. We also can manufacture shirt buttons, zipper pulls, hang tags, garments labels, printed labels, size labels, shopping bags, leather patches, pvc patches, alloy and metal pieces. For more information on how to set up a new account for sample making and manufacturing, please visit the MANUFACTURE tab on our website

-The KKK Approach  ( The KIM, Khloe, and Kris Approach)

CEO Elaix Vincent teaches classes to emerging entrepreneurs on how to become the best entrepreneur, marketer, and business owner. His approach teaches these new entrepreneurs how to build a brand, make it impactful, and successful. Anyone can own, or run a business. But, it's the success of the business that will separate you from those who show and those who sell. Classes are three hours long, and guaranteed to change your look on entrepreneurship, building your brand, and todays marketing techniques. Everything from Selfies on Instagram, to logos, and brand image developement is covered. Leaving this class you will have learned how to run any business from a fashion design company to a a hair salon. This three hour class is $75 and well worth it. Visit the REGISTER tab on our website. You'll be surprised at how much you could learn in only three hours.